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Taloustutkimus is an independent full service market research company operating in Finland, Russia and all Baltic countries. With our broad partner network, we can carry out market research projects almost in any part of the world. So if you need a reliable research partner in Finland or elsewhere, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Wide product portfolio

We aim to offer our customers as wide product and service portfolio as possible. This is done by applying all common survey methods, methodology and practices. We constantly pursue new technologies but at the same time we keep in mind that many of the old ones still work well. 

We have outstanding possibilities to carry out telephone interviews in Finland as we have a access to national phone records. That covers business-to-business numbers as well.

We also have a good postal survey tradition in Finland and many surveys are still carried out via mail, successfully. The same thing goes with the face-to-face interviews, which we do systematically throughout the country.

Internet has strengthened its position every year since 1997 when we established our Internet panel. And it has, sometimes together with mobile solutions, opened many new exciting windows for us to do innovative research - online focus groups, moderated bulleting board discussions, mobile surveys with different techniques etc. So also the qualitative research has taken some new paths. But not forgetting what it is all about - understanding the consumer behaviour and thinking.

Alongside with our ad hoc research, we have many syndicated surveys as well. Those surveys provide important benchmarking data to our clients and explain ongoing phenomenons in the Internet and media world, just to mention couple of examples.

And if you have only few questions to ask why not try our omnibus surveys. We carry out both telephone and face-to-face omnibus surveys on a weekly or monthly basis, all nationally representative.

How to contact us?

Easiest way to reach us is to fill in the form below and click the Send button and we will get back to you quickly, usually within a few hours. Or call us +358 10 7585 11 or send us email: info@taloustutkimus.fi

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